Fall Back-Trust

An audience full of eight year olds makes one immediately mindful of two things: time and attention span.  I am one of the many speakers that they will hear today.  A visual demonstration of my topic is needed for this group.  Drew (not his actual name) agrees to be my guinea pig!

I briefly detail the 'trust' exercise to Drew.  He still agrees.  On the stage, in front of his peers, Drew stands on the tall chair.  His back is facing me.  I am waiting for his next move.  So are his peers.  At my prompting, and without hesitation Drew begins to fall backwards.  His peers are literally on the edge of their seats.  I catch Drew as he is obviously no longer vertical.  Our mini production was a success.  It sparked good questions and conversation about trust. 

I thought about Drew later.  I found it interesting that I didn't have to assure Drew that I would catch him.  Instinctively he knew that I would. 

How would my life look if I expressed my faith in God without reservation?  What if I gathered up all my negative 'What Ifs', bagged em', and placed em' on the curb for the garbage collector?  Then I could truly imitate Drew and trust.  Trust in the fact that God's got me.