Room for Grace?

Grace can be defined as: mercy, pardon, or as a manifestation of favor (especially by a superior). 

Years ago I had an acquaintance, a fellow believer.  We traveled in the same circle of friends and would occasionally share our thoughts or opinions on various topics.  Over time, I concluded that her love and commitment to Christ were genuine.  

I reached out to her when we hadn't seen each other for a length of time.  No response.  I waited and tried again: text, email, social media.....No response. 

I asked some of her friends was she ok?  The friends whispered the rumors they'd heard.  These rumors were ugly and shameful.  Not only that, later I learned that they were true.  

This acquaintance had fallen.  Plainly said, she sinned: big time!  In fact, she isolated herself from the group and did not return.  Our attempts to reconnect failed. 

Her absence bothered me.  Who hasn't done something they weren't ashamed of? 

I struggled with the phrase, "Big Time Sin."  What exactly does that mean?  In God's eyes sin is sin.  It's not big. It's not little.  It's sin. 

Does God have a remedy? Yep! It's called Grace. God's grace is unlimited and intertwined with His love for us.  Is there room for grace?  Definitely!