Blogging......This completely out of my comfort zone!  All these words running around in my head.  Can I unscramble them enough to complete a sensible text?  Hopefully, writer's block doesn't tackle me to the ground!  LOLOL...Bear with me. 

I had a dream that I believe was divinely inspired.  A portion of it was about Christians' and strength.  So where do I go from here?  It's hard to have faith without action.  I had to do something about the dream.  Make it come alive. 

Think about it, we see images daily: on billboards, commercials, our phones, laptops, magazines, etc..

Remember the old Reese's commercial where peanut butter and chocolate merged together to make the actual Reese's Cup?  I can do something similar to that. 

I can merge my love of tee shirts (I've collected many over the years) and design images I'd like to see.  So I did. 

Drum roll please!!  I present to you: Praz Judah T-shirts & More!

Let's go.....